All Mountain Trails in Saalbach Hinterglemm

The Hackelberg Trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm

It's been a while since I've heard from the Hackelberg Trail the first time. At this time the Bike-5-Challenge was named 5-gondola-tour and the Hackelberg Trail was the reason we all went to Saalbach Hinterglemm for mountainbiking.

Actually I've lived in this area for some years now and I've been on the Hackelberg Trail 100 times - still it is one of my favorites in the Salzburger Land. At the beginning the trail was for both groups, bikers and hikers, but one year ago the first part of the Hackelberg Trail was rebuilt and now the trail belongs to nobody but bikers. 

From the Schattberg-Westpeak the Hackelberg Trail runs towards the Hackelberg Alm. the upper part is fast and you can take on much speed. In the middle section there are some narrow turns waiting for you - those come really fast, especially if you moved your fingers from the breakes in the upper section. The trail ends right at the patio of the Hackelberg Alm, which you must not pass without a visit. After a ride on the Hackelberg Trail the Radler tastes like heaven and as you can tell from the number of bikes around the hut, the waitress does not look too bad as well.

Long time ago, everybody had to take the gravel road from the Hackelberg Alm to Hinterglemm. Now you just go straight towards the Bergstadl and find the new Buchegg Trail. This one you should really not miss on your way to the village of Hinterglemm.

Distance: aprox. 6 km, hight: 600 hm


Easy to ride, without any technical difficulties. In the upper section you can take lots of speed - further down you should be aware of some narrow turns. Due to the popularity of the trail, you won't be alone - be careful and check for slower riders.

Saalbach-Hinterglemm TIPP:

For the way up to the Schattberg you can take the Schattberg-Express. Real good mountainbikers with a certain sense for uphill, should take the uphill via Jausern and the Limberg Alm to the Schattberg Westpeak. Along the way there are plenty of huts and rest-areas: Westgipfelhütte, Hackelberg Alm and the Bergstadl. Make sure you take the Buchegg Trail on your way to the valley.





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