Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm

Ski touring in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang

Cold snow, sunny conditions and sensational runs down the mountains ...

That ist the way, ski touring should sound like. Do you know the feeling, that the alarm goes off way to early and you cannot even think of getting up and step out into the cold morning? You are almost asleep at the breakfast, it is still dark night outside. On your first couple of steps of your ski tour you can hear the cold snow underneeth your skins - as soon as you reach the sun, your mood rises. You gain stunning views and a great panorama over powder runs, amazing summits and the cross on top of the mountain shines in the sun. "I cannot wait to take the first run in this incredible powder."

Ski touring in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Amazing powder on the grass mountains

Due to the favorable location of Saalbach Hinterlgemm we get much snow. If the snow is good the valley offers great ski tours in different length and difficulty. We have lots of summits, peaks, faces and different powder runs for you.

The classic runs of the region you will find in the very end of the valley behind the Lindlingalm and the "Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps". The summits of the Staffkogel or the Schusterkogel are our classic goals for you and your touring buddies.

If you enter the Schwarzachergraben next to Hinteglemm you will find some more ski touring summits. Some of them are long and intensive hikes up mountains, ridges, faces and so on. Others on the other side are easy to reach with the help of the cable cars and lifts around Hinterglemm.

Die Saalbach-Hinterglemm ski touring tipps:

The Geierkogel

Ski touring on the Geierkogel

The ski tour to the Geierkogel is easy and a great tour to get started in our region. Special is, that you can hike up off-piste and can go down over great slopes in the area of Viehofen. That is a good option for bad weather or bad snow conditions or to get started in the touring area around Saalbach Hinterglemm ...

The Saalbachkogel

Ski touring on the Saalbachkogel

The Saalbachkogel is a very promising tour on a not really spectacular, but beautiflus summit in Saalbach Hinterglemm. Tow options - hike the entire way through the valley, or take the cable car up the Schattberg and save some energy for the desent ...

The Staffkogel

Ski touring on the Staffkogel

You cannot oversee the Staffkogel, when you go the valley of Hinterglemm. Many of you will know it's face from the great views throughout the ski resort. With it's 2.115 meters the Staffkogel is not the greatest, but it offers great descents over nice open faces or steep coloirs ...

The Schusterkogel

Ski touring on the Schusterkogel

The Schusterkogel is a popular and beautifus ski tour in Saalbach Hinterglemm - a long one though. The start is in the far end of the valley as well. You do not see the 2..207 meters high summit from the start. What you will see are the steep and "unridable" faces to the north - a great view ...

The Manlitzkogel

Ski touring on the Manlitzkogel

The Manlitzkogel is not a real ski tour for beginners. First of all it takes you forever through the Schwarzachergraben and from the Stoffenscharte the terrain gets alpine and steep and the way over the ridge to the summit can be tricky. The Manlitzkogel offers great views and who will make it to the top earns a great descent to the valley ...

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Here you will find good advice and infos on ski touring

Christian Müllauer from the Pension Müllauerhof is part of the mountain rescue team of Saalbach Hinterlgemm. He knows lots about the mountains of the region and can give you great tips and advice on snow conditions and ski touring - by the way, his apartments are nice too.

To the Pension Müllauerhof ...

Charyl in the Hotel Sonnberg is an expert too, when it comes to ski touring in the region. He is one his way lots and can give you good advice and information on touring options. In his Hotel Sonnberg it is easy to relax after great touring in the mountains.

To the Hotel Sonnberg ...

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