Hochseilgarten in Saalbach Hinterglemm

High Rope Park Saalbach Hinterglemm

The High Rope Park, the climbing forest and the "Baumzipfelweg" in the far end of the Glemmvalley

Are you a brave person? Have you ever tried to fly? "Sure, flying, how is tha supposed to work?" In the far end of the Glemmvalley in Saalbach Hinterglemm there is the Euro-Slide and there you can fly.

The entire area of the Euro-Slide stretches over 2 km and crosses four times the Glemmvalley. Maybe you are brave and experienced, but 120 Meters will not leave you umimpressed, that's for sure.

Not just high above, but also "technical"

The Euro-Slide is not the only attraction in the Glemmvalley of Saalbach Hinterglemm. Hidden in the forest you can find the High Rope Park, which is a real climbing area. There you can learn the basics of the high-rope-technique. Under professional guidance for sure. Come on and stay focused on your tour - one step after each other. Do not mind the constant noice above you - it's probably your kids having a blast on the Euro-Slide. Here are some furious facts about the Euro-Slide and the High Rope Park:

  • 1.5 km lengh
  • 30-40 stations
  • Level of difficulty: medium
  • You cross the Saalach-creek on a 500 meter slide
  • You can take a KTM Skybike back to the starting point, or take another zip-line
  • Safety first - you are safe and secure all the way across the High Rope Park

That's what Christain from the Müllauerhof has to say about the "mega parcour" in Hinterglemm:

"For me, the area in the far end of the Glemmvalley is a real adventure park. Especially the Euro-Slide is amazing for me - I simply love to fly. I tried everything inside the park with my kids and have written about it in my Blog. Here on this video-clip you can see, that I had lots of fun. If you become my guests in the Youth Hotel Müllauerhof, I will give you some more hints ..."


It's all about the green jelly bag caps

Have you ever seen real dwarfs in Saalbach Hinterglemm? Actually, there are no dwarfs - those are the visitors of the the so called "Baumzipfelweg", who disclose their identities. If you do not like green caps in summertime, you will definitely like the "Baumzipfelweg" - definitely if you go there with your kids. You cannot miss the "Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps", which spreads across the valley. Via the bridge you reach the "Baumzipfelweg", which is a hiking path high above in the trees. On a length of 2 km you come across pastures, meadows and forests and get a certain feeling for Austrian nature in a very special way.

Dietmar Schwabl from the Hotel Talblick says about the "Baumzipfelweg":

"Which my wife Sabine and our son Julian I like to go to the Baumzipfelweg. Julian likes it, to be on his way high above the Glemmvalley. From there you can touch nature and it feels amazing to be in fresh air - we already have some green jelly caps back home. If you will be our guests in the Hotel Talblick, I can tell you much more about it ..."


Does not sound too bad, does it?

It seems that the High Rope Park and the Euro Slide in Saalbach Hinterglemm are some places to be during your vacation in the Salzburger Land. Do you need accommodation for your holidays? - we have the right hotels and pensions for every taste. Do you need some more equipment, new hiking shoes or some apparel? Than you should check out Sport Gumpold in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

That's what Guido from the Gumpold Rental Center has to say:

"The High Rope Park and the Euro Slide are really cool places to visit. But, you must not forget, that it is a real climbing trip in the outdoors. Good shoes and reliable outdoor-gear are a must. The far end of the Glemmvalley is into the mountains and the weather can change guite fast. Come and see me at Sport Gumpold and I will give you some more hints, how you can have a wonderful time in Glemmvalley ..."


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