All Mountain Trails in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Buchegg Trail at the bottom of the mountain

The Buchegg Trail is relatively new is your option for a great single-trail descent right to the village of Hinterglemm.

It starts off half way up the Schattberg mountain at the Bergstadl, which is well known from winter as an amazing apres-ski-location. From the Bergstadl the trails runs not too steep, with nice turns, big jumps and great flow right to the buchegg resort, where the trail has it's name from. There are no difficulties along the way. Take some speed and do not break too much - the Buchegg Trail needs speed.

The real good thing about the Buchegg trail is, that it closes a gap from the Bergstadl to the valley. Until now everybody had to the the gravel road down from the Hackelberg Alm. Since last year there is the Buchegg trail and now we can take this great trail instead of the road. The trail starts fast and with lots of fun. At the Buchegg Alm it starts to be a bid steeper and you should have your speed under control. After the helicopter port you take the road towards the Gestreit Alm, where the last part of the trail starts.

Distance: approx. 4 km, hight: 350 hm


Nice All Mountain Trail with a wide variety of jumps, turns and curves. Not just for freeriders, Enduro-rider and CC-rider can have fun there too. Take on some speed at the beginning and check the speed in the middle section.

Saalbach-Hinterglemm TIPP:

The Buchegg trail is the perfect combination with the Hackelberg trail or the Bergstadl trail. Due to this combination we have the perfect trail-wonderland from the Schattberg Westpeak to the valley in Hinterglemm. Take the Schattberg-Express-Cable Car to the top or bike up the hill via the gravel road.

"Have Fun" on the Buchegg Trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm




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