Big-5-Challenge in Saalbach Hinterglemm


Big-5-Challenge in Saalbach Hinterglemm - enduro biking at its best

What? We have to climb up over there? As soon as we get out of the cable car on the top of Schattberg-Ostgipfel, we watch the steep ramp, which seperates us from the Schattberg-Westgipfel and the Hackelberg Trail, which we suppose to ride. Ok - let's go. It's not as far as it initially seemed to be - but it's very steep. I grab my handle bar tightly, put the weight on the front wheel. The fork is lowered, but still the bike raises the front. I can feel lung missing air, the sweat flows into my eyes - I'm almost there - there is a cool Radler and a delicious Snack waiting for me on the top of that climb in the Westgipfelhütte.

Wer ride the big-5-challenge. On this enduro-bike-adventure we can do 5,000 meters descent on one day. The big-5-challenge is not just downhill though. At the end you have to climb about 1,000 meters uphill as well. That is why the big-5-challenge is an all mountain/enduro adventure and not a real freeride trip. With an all mountain/enduro bike you will do best on the big-5-challenge. A heavy freeride machine would be to hard on the ascents. Why the name big-5-challenge?

There are five mountains and we use five cable cars. On this bike adventure we circle almost the entire bike circus Saalbach Hinterglemm. That is the secret of the big-5-challenge. Not only the downhill counts, even the climbs are challenging. On every peak of the big-5-challenge there is a fotopoint waiting for you. Take a picture, show it to your friends back home and sign yourselfe in the holl of fame of all challengers. That is enduro biking in Saalbach Hinterglemm. What are your waiting for - the hall of fame is waiting.




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